Count by 2s to 200 Sing the 3s Song Sing the 4s Song Count by 5s to 500 Sing the 6 Song Sing the 7 Song Sing the 8 Song Sing the 9 Song Count by 10s to 1,000
Skill IXL


1. Round to 10,000


2. Subtraction with regrouping

3. Value of bill and coin sets up to $5 N.1
4. Compare fractions S.4
5. Recognize multiplication and division as inverse (fact families) J.8
6. Names and attributes of shapes R.1
7. Visual Models of fractions S.1
8. Understand place value through thousands B.2

9. Tell time to the minute


Multiplication Songs!

Download these songs to your computer at home to memorize your multiplication tables!