Greetings! My name is Nolan Pribnow and I am happy to serve as the vocal music teacher at Gilder and Chandler View elementary schools.  A Nebraska native, I was born and raised in Lincoln.  In May, 2017 I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Nebraska Kearney with a B.M. in Music Education and Piano Performance and Pedagogy.  Here at Gilder, students have music class once a week for fifty minutes.  In music class, students learn the skills necessary to be life-long learners and supporters of music and performing arts.  Outside of weekly classes, fifth and sixth grade students have the option to participate in chorus as a way to continue to grow and develop as musicians.  Please contact me if you have questions regarding your child's music education here at Gilder.




    Cycle Day 1    Cycle Day 2    Cycle Day 3    Cycle Day 4  Cycle Day 5 
8:50-9:40           4th Peterson    4th Schenkelberg    4th Hagemeier    Plan   CV
9:40-10:30   6th Haug    6th Ausdemore    Plan   6th Calixte  CV
10:30-11:20   1st Krause    Plan    Admin.   1st Hegarty  CV
11:20-12:40   Lunch/Duty    Lunch/Duty    Lunch/Duty   Lunch/Duty  CV
12:40-1:30   5th Allen    Plan    5th Hand   6th Chorus  CV
1:30-2:20   Plan    3rd Wagner    3rd Stanek   3rd Grove  CV
2:20-3:10   2nd Monro    2nd Tingwald    Plan   2nd Price  CV
3:10-4:00   5th Chorus     K Thiefoldt    K Lightfoot   K Hansen  CV

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