Sixth Grade Curriculum


           Sixth Grade Reading 

     Reading is the most important skill students need to master to be successful in and out of school.  In 6th grade, we focus on fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.  The skills the students learn will help them to be successful readers.

     It is highly suggested that students read each night for at least 20 minutes.  It is best students read books of their choosing.  The students will be writing and presenting a book report each quarter, so it would be a good idea to read from the book you choose for your book report each night as well.  Magazines and newspapers are also good resources to practice reading.






Sixth Grade Spelling

    Spelling is an important part of literacy.  If students are able to correctly spell words based on the sounds in those words combined with the meaning or the context in which the words are used, this a stepping stone to being a fluent, comprehensive reader. 

    Our weekly spelling lists come from our McGraw Hill  reading series.  Each spelling list focuses on a specific skill which is designed to help students become strong, confident spellers.




Sixth Grade Language Arts 


    Language Arts is part of the literacy block along with Reading and Spelling.  Sixth grade Language Arts encompasses grammar, punctuation, writing, note taking, outlining, and summarizing. Every morning, students will come into the classroom prepared to do bellwork.  Many times, this bellwork will focus on grammar and punctuation that will help students to appropriately structure their sentences.
    Sixth Grade writing focuses on writing descriptively.  The students will use Six Trait Writing to help them concentrate on their descriptive writing. Writing can sometimes be a complicated activity, and the Six Traits will help students break down their writing and look at it one part at a time.  This makes writing less overwhelming and more fun!  The different parts of Six Trait Writing include Organization, Ideas, Sentence Fluency, Word Choice, Voice, and Conventions.

    Click on the different links below to learn more about Six Trait Writing and have fun with some of the writing activities and games! 

 OWL (On-Line Writing Lab)

                                  WritingFix: On-Line Games For Writers

                                                             Verbs To Use Instead of "Said"

                                 Verbs To Use Instead of "Asked"

Adjectives For The Five Senses


 Parent Handbook for the Six Traits of Writing








      Many valuable skills and concepts are introduced, taught and reviewed during sixth grade math.  These include equivalencies, measurements, geometric properties, data analysis, algebraic equations and problem solving. 

     During sixth grade, we are getting our students ready for the higher level math and algebra they will focus on in middle school. Because of this, sixth grade math requires a firm understanding of the four operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing). So, students, if you feel you need to brush up on any of these skills…make sure to practice, practice, practice! You can click on the times tables and flash card links below to practice your multiplication and division facts!
    We use the Harcourt Math series to introduce, teach and review all of the sixth grade math content standards. Click on the Harcourt Math book cover to the left to see a glossary of math vocabulary words and definitions we will use throughout the school year.
    The students also participate in Math Fact-A-Thon throughout the school year to improve on their multiplication and division facts. The students who have these facts mastered will receive Math Fact-A-Thon awards at the end of the year on Honor’s Day! 
Click on the different links below for some fun math reviews, activities, and games!

Times Tables  (Can you correctly answer all 20 questions in 1 minute? )

Multiplication Flash Cards  (On-line multiplication flash cards for practice)

Division Flash Cards  (On-line division flash cards for practice)

Math Flash Cards  (More on-line math flash cards for practice)

Measurement  (Anything you ever wanted to know about customary and metric measurement!)

Harcourt Math  (A great website for review and help with assignments and homework! )  (A great overall math website for all of you math "nuts" out there! )

Numbers  (Integers, prime numbers, decimals, rounding, mean, median, and more!)

Factors and Fractions  (All about fractions and factors!)

Tables and Formulas  (Converting fractions, decimals, and percents; finding area and circumference)

Math Games  (Just some fun math games! )




  Sixth Grade Science

    What do soil, rocks, magnets, motors, and organisms have in common?  They are all of the things that we study in Sixth Grade Science!  Our science is split into three different units.  In Unit One, we explore the relationship between soils, rocks, and erosion.  We investigate and explore the principles of magnetism and motors in Unit Two, and in Unit Three we investigate the diversity of organisms on Earth.

    We use the MacMillan McGraw-Hill Science Series to explore our three units of study in sixth grade.  Click on the science book to the left to go to the MacMillan McGraw-Hill Science website to learn more about the different units and to check out some fun activities.

    Click on the different links below to find some fun, interesting, and informative science websites!






Sixth Grade Social Studies

    Do you like to travel?  Well, I hope so, because we are about to travel all around the world!  In sixth grade social studies, we learn about different countries of the world.  We travel to Australia and the Pacific Islands, Canada, Latin America, and Western Europe.  We also learn about the Ancient World and Medieval Times.  Our major focuses are culture, history/geography, economics, and citizenship/government. 


    We use The Prentice-Hall World Studies series to learn about all of the different parts of the world in which we will concentrate.  The students will do many activities as we "travel" around the world, so be prepared to learn and have fun at the same time!  Click on the links below to find some interesting facts and activities about world geography and different countries of the world.

World Geography                        World Atlas and Map Library

Countries of the World               Territories and Dependencies

World Stats and Facts                World and News

World History                              The Geography Guide

Where in the World...Fun Facts