We are so excited about the future of Gilder Elementary School!

Beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, there will be two versions of Gilder Green assignment notebooks used schoolwide: One for primary students/grade K-2 and One for intermediate students/grade 3-6. The students will teach themselves to be organized on the JOB with this assignment book. We teach 5 basic “job” skills to be at the “green light” in the assignment book:     

1 Come to school each day on time!
2 Do all my work!
3 Give my work to the Boss/Teacher!
4 Follow Gilder's School Rules/Life Skills
5 Just Do It! (Do what is asked the first time)*
*Goal: If the child is able to be at the GREEN LIGHT and listen the first time - they are doing their JOB!

Gilder Elementary follows a foundational study skill program that every staff member embraces. We believe your child will succeed when using this study skill program of consistent and clear expectations for every grade level. Gilder Elementary sees school as your child’s job; your child’s teacher as his/her Boss, with the full understanding that family, students and all adults at Gilder Elementary practice mutual respect. Please direct all questions regarding students to their classroom teacher first.

We try very hard to be a community at Gilder Elementary School. We hope your child has great success and fun in learning to do their JOB. Our goal at Gilder School is to prepare them for their future career in the workforce.