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For the 2015-2016 school year, Gilder has 19 kindergarten through sixth grade classrooms including a 5th/6th multigrade classroom.   Gilder serves approximately 430 students.




Important Information

Books, paper, pencils, crayons, ink pens, and all other supplies are furnished by the Omaha Public Schools. There should be no need to supplement the supply. 

P.E. Shoes
Physical Education is an integral part of all class schedules. For safety reasons, all children are required to have gym shoes for this class. Please know that your child's safety is of our utmost concern. Therefore, tennis shoes without heel support (backless sandals) will not be allowed, Also, high soles and high heels are not appropriate for Physical Education classes. Please, no shoes with black soles due to the finish on our gym floor.

All money sent to school is to be put in a sealed envelope with student's name and room number.  Students should be discouraged to bring money to school for personal reasons.  The school cannot be responsible in any way for the loss or recovery and replacement of such losses.

Food Services are provided to meet the nutritional needs of all the children, therefore, a child who uses these services is encouraged to eat the entire meal. Para-professionals supervise the cafeteria and playground during the lunch period. Children are expected to adhere to the behavior expectations outlined in the Gilder Parent / Student Handbook.

Lunch tickets are sold after the third week of school. Children may pay cash for their lunches on a daily basis. Each child will be responsible for his own cash until lunch time. All day Kindergarten through sixth graders are provided the opportunity to eat a hot lunch.

Milk accompanies the hot lunch. For those children who bring sack lunches, milk will be available at a small cost. Because of the lack of nutritional value in pop, kool-aid, etc., students who bring sack lunch are encouraged to purchase milk.

Gilder's breakfast program is complimentary to all students Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.

School Expectations

  1. Keep hands, feet, objects and mouth to self.
  2. Listen and follow directions.
  3. Stay in seat upon request.
  4. Raise hand and speak with permission.
  5. Be friendly, respectful and caring to all.

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