Gilder Elementary

Gilder Elementary
3705 Chandler Road
Bellevue, NE 68147-1199

Phone: (531) 299-1500
Fax: (531) 299-1518


Gilder Elementary School is located at 3705 Chandler Road in Bellevue. The school was named after Robert Gilder, a famed artist and archaeologist. In addition to regular classroom instruction, student support is also provided through special education programs, gifted and talented education, English as a Second Language, and guidance and counseling. We currently have three mobile labs which contain laptop computers for students to use technology as a learning tool in all subject areas.

An active parent-teacher association and Adopt-a-School business partners have supported Gilder students. These community groups share their expertise and partner with the staff to meet our students' academic, social, and emotional goals. Our Extend Day Tutoring Program and Community Learning Center continue our school's mission of providing academic and social opportunities which enable all our children to achieve at their highest potential.

Gilder School staff, parents, and community work together to fulfill its mission of providing every child instruction and opportunities for the development of those skills, habits, attitudes, and character traits that are essential in our culture.


 Welcome to Gilder Elementary School's Website! We hope that you will browse our Website often. We are extremely proud of our school and our students.

Gilder is a Kindergarten through sixth grade elementary school that is located at 3705 Chandler Road. Although we are located in Bellevue, Nebraska, we are a part of Omaha Public Schools.

Our goal is to provide a safe, secure, and caring environment where all children will be given an equal opportunity to learn and reach their academic goals. We invite parents, families, and community members to visit and observe the GREAT things that are happening at Gilder!



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